1. Mountain bikers had been around in 19th century
The sport as it is today didn’t evolve until the 1970’s, but mountain bikes have actually been around a bit earlier. The first mountain bikes were actually used by the Buffalo Soldiers in the 1890’s. These bikes weren’t anything like the bikes we have today, they didn’t have shock absorbers, gearing, or brake systems, and they were a lot heavier than you’d expect a mountain bike to be.

2. When it comes to mountain biking, age is just a number
Riding bike can be lifelong adventure. In some sports you are considered over the hill once you hit 30. No so with mountain biking! If you can get on a bike and pedal it, you can take part. One of the oldest competitors today is Fred Shmid, who is in his 80’.

3. Mountain biking became Olympic sport in 2008.
Mountain racing entered the Olympic programme at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. In the years after the first Olympic race, mountain biking got a real boost and a lot more sponsors stepped into it.

4. Top 5 skills you need to have if you want to be mountain biker
To be a successful mountain biker it’s not enough to just have speed and fitness. You must also possess a certain degree of technical riding ability and bike handling skills. But top five skills deffinitely are breaking, climbing, descending, cornering.

5. There is a museum dedicated to cycling in California
The Marin Museum of Bicycling is a bicycle history museum and cultural center in Fairfax, California. The museum is also the home of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, which was founded in Crested Butte, Colorado in 1988.

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