Story about race

Petrovaradin fortress, one of the symbols of Novi Sad, is not only cultural place in the city, but also provides excellent conditions for organizing mountain bike races, that all participants of European championship in MTB will be able to see in August. The big dream of Nemanja Vajs was to bring European championship in Novi Sad come true. We realised that dreaming about big aims is very important. The idea was to get world wide famous MTB names to Novi Sad, that will actually happen in August. From idea to realization, a lot of water has gone under the Varadinska Duga bridge because it was not easy to improve position of MTB sport in Serbia. We made a strong and young team with fantastic energy. They are excited and happy to host most famous MTB riders in Novi Sad.The reason why that is important for City of Novi Sad will be known in August, when the long-awated event starts! From 12. to 15. August, Novi Sad will be host of the best euoropean mountain bikers.

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