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The Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships took place from June 17 to June 20, 2021, and it was organized by the Union Européenne de Cyclisme (UEC), the governing body for cycling in Europe. The event brought together top European mountain bikers to compete in various disciplines, including cross-country Olympic (XCO), cross-country Eliminator (XCE), and downhill (DHI). Athletes from different age groups, such as Elite, Under-23, and Junior, vied for the title of European Champion in their respective categories.

The championships served as an opportunity for competitors to earn valuable UCI points, which contribute to their overall ranking and qualification for other international events, including the Olympic Games. While I do not have access to the specific results of the competition, you can find detailed information on the winners and race results by visiting the official website of the Union Européenne de Cyclisme (UEC) or searching for news articles and race reports from that time.


Cross-country (XCO) is a popular mountain biking discipline that emphasizes endurance, technical skills, and strategy. In XCO races, cyclists compete on a circuit course that typically covers various terrains, including steep climbs, fast descents, and technical sections with rocks, roots, and tight turns. The course may also feature man-made obstacles to challenge the riders’ skills. XCO races generally last around 1.5 to 2 hours for the Elite category and vary in distance depending on the specific event and level of competition. Cyclists must balance their efforts to maintain speed and manage their energy throughout the race while navigating the challenging terrain. Cross-country mountain biking is a dynamic and physically demanding sport, showcasing the riders’ stamina, technical abilities, and strategic thinking.

Winner men: Lars Forstrer

Lars Forster, a professional mountain biker from Switzerland, has made a name for himself in the world of cross-country mountain biking. In the Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships, Forster showcased his exceptional skills and endurance by winning the gold medal in the men’s Elite cross-country Olympic (XCO) category. This victory added another significant accomplishment to his already impressive career, which includes multiple national titles and strong performances in various international competitions. Forster’s triumph at the Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships not only highlights his talent as a top mountain biker but also solidifies his status as one of the best in the sport, promising even more success in future events.

Winner women: Pauline Ferrand-Prevot

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, a highly accomplished French professional mountain biker, further cemented her reputation as one of the world’s top cyclists with her gold medal victory in the women’s Elite cross-country Olympic (XCO) category at the Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships. This remarkable achievement adds to her extensive list of titles and accolades, which includes multiple World Championship wins and national titles across different cycling disciplines. Ferrand-Prévot’s triumphant performance in Novi Sad 2021 demonstrates not only her exceptional skill and endurance as a mountain biker but also her unwavering determination to excel in the sport, inspiring fans and fellow competitors alike with her relentless pursuit of excellence.

Cross-country eliminator

Cross-country eliminator (XCE) is an exciting and fast-paced mountain biking discipline that combines elements of both cross-country and short-track racing. In XCE, riders compete in a series of head-to-head knockout rounds on a short, technical circuit, typically lasting between 2 to 3 minutes per race. The course features various terrains and obstacles, such as steep climbs, descents, jumps, and tight turns, challenging the riders’ technical skills, speed, and agility. Each round consists of four riders racing against each other, with the top two finishers advancing to the next round. This format continues until the final round, where the remaining riders compete for the win. XCE races are thrilling to watch, as they require not only exceptional bike handling skills but also quick decision-making and strategic positioning to succeed in the high-intensity, head-to-head battles.

Winner men: Jeroen Van Eck

Jeroen Van Eck, a skilled Dutch professional mountain biker, secured an impressive gold medal in the men’s cross-country Eliminator (XCE) category at the Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships. This victory emphasizes Van Eck’s exceptional abilities in the fast-paced and technical XCE discipline, where riders compete in head-to-head knockout rounds on a short, challenging circuit. His gold medal win at the Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships is a testament to his speed, agility, and tactical prowess, solidifying his position as a top competitor in the sport of mountain biking and further enhancing his reputation as a formidable athlete in the exciting world of cross-country eliminator racing.

Winner women: Gaia Tormena

Gaia Tormena, an emerging Italian professional mountain biker, achieved a significant milestone in her career with a gold medal win in the women’s Under-23 cross-country Olympic (XCO) category at the Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships. This victory highlights Tormena’s exceptional talent, showcasing her endurance, technical skills, and determination in the face of fierce competition. The triumph at the Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships not only places her among the best young talents in the sport but also signifies a promising future for this rising star, as she continues to make her mark in the world of mountain biking.

Team relay

The team relay is a unique and exhilarating mountain bike discipline that highlights teamwork, strategy, and individual skills. In this event, teams comprising riders from various age and gender categories compete together in a relay format, with each team member completing a lap of a cross-country (XCO) course before handing off to the next rider. The course features a mix of terrains, including climbs, descents, and technical sections that challenge the riders’ endurance, bike handling skills, and tactical abilities. The team relay race emphasizes the importance of collaboration, as the teams must coordinate their efforts and manage their riders’ strengths and weaknesses to achieve the best overall result. The race culminates with the team completing the fastest combined time across all laps, claiming victory in this thrilling and dynamic mountain biking event.

Winner – Italy

Italy’s mountain biking team celebrated a remarkable victory in the team relay event at the Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships. This gold medal win highlights the exceptional teamwork, strategic planning, and individual skills of the Italian riders who came together to achieve success in this dynamic discipline. The team relay event required each member to complete a lap of the cross-country (XCO) course before passing the relay to the next rider, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and effective management of the riders’ strengths and weaknesses. Italy’s triumph in the team relay at the Novi Sad 2021 UEC MTB European Championships showcases the depth and talent of their mountain biking program, as well as the strong camaraderie that propelled them to victory in this thrilling and competitive event.